Our Mission





Our Vision


Building FAMILIES, Fulfilling DESTINY


The outcome of this vision is seeing families

  • Having a passionate heartbeat for the LORD JESUS CHRIST
  • Relating to one another in covenantal unity
  • Leading with audacious leadership

and fulfilling their God-given destiny.


Our Core Values


We want to be a values-driven church. This means that while we are committed to fulfilling the vision that God has entrusted to us, we want to be intentional in living out our core values in the process of doing so. So that what we do is the result of who we are.


1. Authentic Community

True biblical community begins when we love God passionately and honour one other in covenant relationship. Life change best happens within the context of LIFE groups. That is why we are committed to establishing communities through LIFE groups.

We also value people and help them to identify their calling and develop their gifting so that they are released into their God-given destiny.
[Passionate for God and honouring people]


2. Unwavering Stewardship

We are called to be faithful to both the stewardship of the Gospel and our resources. As such, we practise faithful tithing and are committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do.

[Stewardship of Gospel and excellence in Service]


3. Generational Transfer

There is no success without succession. God’s heart is for generational transfer (Psalms 78:5-6). Generational transfer is to impart the life and deposit of Christ given to us to the generations to come. We do this by equipping parents as the primary ‘faith trainers’ and the development and empowerment of members as leaders.

[Vision for empowerment and legacy for generations]


4. Audacious Faith

What distinguish visionaries from daydreamers is the audacity to act, and the faith to get started. Audacious faith inspires us to ask God for the impossible. In the process, we reconnect with our God-sized purpose and potential knowing that nothing is impossible to God.

[Confidence in God and boldness for the impossible]